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Are you looking for unusual gifts?

To you?
Your love?
Your friends?
Your family?
your club?
your business?

Exceptional Gifts:
Worth it.

What is exceptional?

Everyone will probably judge that for themselves.
But what probably applies in general: 
It must have some rarity value.
It must not be a mass product. 
It is unique.
It's unique.
And when it's still handcrafted with skill, it's exceptional.

This includes portrait drawings.
You are extraordinary, unique, personal,

made with the language of the artist.
If the "language" of the drawing corresponds to the customer's perception of language,
is a work of art with great recognition, permanence and admiration for a long time 
created, over generations,

over time and space.

Portrait drawings make wonderful, unique gifts and hold their value!

Portrait drawings require precise observation and the skillful implementation of what is seen.
They show sections of visual reality, similar to a photograph. 
With one major difference: 
Pencil drawings show traces of the drawing process. 
For example, depending on the artist's skill, blurring can occur 
Ambiguities in the perspective, intentional or unintentional changes to the template, etc. can be added.
Deliberately used, this makes the “handwriting” of the drawing.
After some time, the typical "style" of the artist emerges, by which he can be recognized.

My style is a free, illustrative and artistic implementation of the template. Deliberately not photo-realistic, but interpretive and dynamic.

Reinhard Podlich:

The portrait artist in Frankfurt am Main

For illustrative and extraordinary portraits.


Beispiel des Portraits (von James Turell) aus dem Privat-Bereich.

Eingerahmt war es das Geschenk für einen Verehrer.

Zeichnung einer Managerin. Für ein weltweit tätiges Unternehmen hat sie Beratungen durchgeführt.

Ein Beispiel, wie man Portraitzeichnungen im geschäftlichen Bereich einsetzen kann.

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